Special Program Featuring Dr. Brooke Ellison - Shared screen with speaker view
Renna Yi
Hi can I ask a question?
Dr. Patricia Morton
Hi Renna, of course you can ask a question! Nusrath, can you please call on Renna? Or Renna, please post your question here and Nusrath can ask it for you.
nusrath (she/her)
Please feel free to do either Renna. Leah is ahead of you and then we can go with your question after that.
Renna Yi
I’m a grad student with a C2 injury and I am super impressed with your ability to speak coherently. I could not do so even after years of speech therapy and a lot of people can’t take me seriously. Did you struggle with that?
Misty Marez
@Renna Same level, C1/2, and I did the same thing, blinking, they had to read lips, spell it out, then they wanted me to try using the devices that someone would have to put to my cheek/jaw… Ultimately the passy muir valve is what I have used also… Kind of same experience as Dr. Ellison… My voice isn't my old voice, but it's the new voice that allows me to enjoy/direct/and get through all aspects of this life,… And sometimes other people don't understand it but embrace it, if people can't take you seriously sometimes you have to ignore it (which I know is hard)… If you can try finding a way around having to deal with those people
Misty Marez
Sorry, didn't mean to send it to everyone
Jim Bennett
Thank you Brooke
Nydia Chang
Thank you Dr. Ellison for sharing your inspiring story
Matthew Martin
Thank you for sharing your knowledge Brooke!
Jose Hernandez
Thank you very much have a good night